December 2020

Accounting Iowa State University Catalog

ContentFor BusinessesAccounting & Tax Professionals, PLCAccessibility (CTRL+M)Michelle O'Neill, CPA, ChairBisbee Income Tax & Accounting ServiceRidihalgh Fuelling Snitker Weber & Company A solid business knows where every dollar is going from the customer’s sale right down to the product’s cost and the profit the company is making. Any breakdown in this system, and the business could...

How to Cope With Social Anxiety in Recovery

ContentSobriety Fear #6: You’ll be bored.Overcome the Fear of Eternal SobrietyWhy people are afraid to get sober:Five Signs You’re Scared to Become Sober After addiction treatment in detox, rehab, and a sober living program is over, social anxiety can still be a problem. Fortunately, there are several things a person can do to learn how to cope with social anxiety in recovery as they continue living a...

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