April 2020

All about Shorting

ContentMost Shorted StocksLooking to the Futures: Domestic stocks down on recession concernsThe Basics of Shorting StockFrequent Questions About Shorting StocksWhat is Short Selling of Stocks? As with other forms of borrowing, you'll be charged interest on the value of the outstanding shares until they're returned (though the interest may be tax-deductible). Interest accrues daily at the prevailing rate...

A No BS Guide to Sobering Up Fast

ContentStay in touch.Work on Your Relationships with Friends and FamilySobering Up After Drinking Too Much AlcoholCause of AddictionAlcohol Addiction Treatment These can include stressors within family relationships or peer pressure from friends who already engage in addictive behaviors. Additionally, there could be changes in appearance such as weight loss or gain, poor hygiene, bloodshot eyes, slurred...

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